simminglystrange and I play some TS4 for you peasants. We demonstrate why you shouldn’t listen to pop songs before playing video games.

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Up for download on the gallery. My EA Makeover of the Rindle Rose in WIllow Creek (the house to the left of the Pancakes). Currently Amber Stein lives there in my game, so it’s a bit quirky :) 

20x15, 2 bed 1 bath, $45,758

Download using my origin ID Beatdoc16 or search #beatdoc16

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Sims 4 - Le Chant des Sirènes 

A small bar, available on the gallery ! Search for the tag #rope or for my origin ID,  simsontherope ! I also updated all the family I made with the demo (The Goth, The Monty, The Capp, The Pleasant, and the Stark of Winterfell !), I will show them later.

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@pickypikachu 8D

love her face


@pickypikachu 8D

love her face

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from the torrent i downloaded, someone added this in a FAQ:
4: Your game is crashing when you traveling or go on map mode: 
- Do NOT use fast speed and PAUSE GAME !!!”

LMFAO it’s a sims game, ofc I’m gonna pause and fast forward, wtf.

i posted it on the wrong blog, oops.

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simminglystrange replied to your post “lol I’m doomed, my character can’t leave lots without the game…”

what did i tell ya

Yes mom, you were right -.-” haha.

plumboop replied to your post “lol I’m doomed, my character can’t leave lots without the game…”

are you using a torrented version? apparently that’s a huge problem in the torrent! and also people who have rly good computers are having the game run horribly for them…lmao

Ah! I researched a bit and I thought it was from the game itself as I’ve seen a lot of threads on the support forums asking for help for the same problem I’m getting and the EA representatives suggesting to update gcards (LOL I tried that last night - it fucking crashed my computer. Updating drivers can fuck up if its a bad driver sometimes)
so hum, guess I’ll be stuck for a while then.

lol I’m doomed, my character can’t leave lots without the game crashing.


I’m not a good builder, but some friends asked me for the lot, so I prefered to share it with everyone. You can find more pics of the interior HERE. The lot is already on the gallery, so my Origin ID is um1alguem (it sucks, I know), but you can also find the lot through the hashtag lightsxxx. I hope you guys like it. (◡‿◡”)

If anyone use it, tag me so I can see :3

It’s crazy to think this is what The Sims 4 Base game looks like, wow.

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simminglystrange replied to your post: simminglystrange replied to your post…

That’s the same as the 3DM one, which is pretty sloppy. I’ll wait it out, but thanks!

actually it was the smoothest pirated sims game install I’ve ever had. download>double click part 1>choose location>rename TS4.par to The.Sims.4.Launcher.par>start from desktop shortcut. That is literally all I had to do *shrug*

simminglystrange replied to your post “where’s the crack at doe”

lol not for days, I’m thinking. There’s a new online activation step that no one knows how to deal with.